Europe 2008 – Day 8

prague vysehrad cathedral 1Since we blew our plan the previous day, we made an effort to explore Nove Mesto by going in the opposite direction toward Vysehrad. Our legs were still pretty tired from the previous day, but we pushed on through. Unfortunately, we pushed too far and walked past Vysehrad. We kept a pretty good attitude about these missteps, and considered them opportunities to view areas we may have missed otherwise. Back on track, we came upon an enormous church, Church of Sts. Peter and Paul, which was built in the 11th century. To the left we explored the cemetery. The graves seem to be above ground (a tomb maybe), and highly decorated. In some instances it would be adorned with detailed statues of the deceased or a religious figure. In other cases, the cover of the grave was made into a small garden. Very little is left of Vysehrad, except for the walls, which were kept up and used as a fortress. prague old town hall 1

After Vysehrad, we took the tram back toward Old Town Hall. We wanted to slow down a bit and enjoy the people watching of the square. Also, we wanted to watch the much spoken about display from the astronomical clock on the Old Town Tower, where every hour tons of people gather around to watch. The Astronomical Clock

We found a seat at an outdoor cafe directly in front of the clock, where we could enjoy a beer, and have a great shot at the clock. As the crowd grew, so did our anticipation, but after the clock struck for the hour, we realized it was much ado about nothing. We had been expecting much more of a show from the hype the (Clock) has been given. It was still neat, but also a let down. charles bridge sign

We moved on to the Charles Bridge once again, to try and catch the sunset. One thing we noticed in Eastern Europe, it is as if dusk never comes. All we can figure is that it is because it is so flat, because it doesn’t get dark until around 10 pm. Beat from the two days of walking, we decided to call it a day and head back towards our hotel.

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