Eastern Europe – Day 3

The next day, our bodies had switched over to the new time zone, and just in time. We went into wedding preparation mode, and did anything and everything (from washing cars to decorating the wedding house) to help prepare for the wedding.

As we worked side by side with Ulas’ family, we continued to learn about each other and the culture. We had a few interpreters on hand, Ula and her brothers, but most of the time we learned to communicate through basic words and a lot of sign language. I think the effort we put forth really went to heart with Ulas’ family, but it was really enjoyable for us as well to be so welcomed into their big moment.

With a crow bar and some strong language, Ula’s father and brothers were able to make the damaged car presentable. On top of this, a Polish custom of decorating the wedding car with ribbons and major floral arrangements covered up any remaining dents. Eastern Europe – Day 3 – July 5, 2008

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