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lily of the valley – naturalized under the pine tree clutter. in the rain – just opening up. artificial light from the natural light side. canon 30d, 70-200 f4 L @ f:4 – 1/250th – 550ex flash fired off camera…

mt philo

trudged up mt philo today in sneakers. looking west south west over lake champlain with the adirondack mountains in new york in the background.


time is a weird word. you make time, but then you have to find it… you find time, when you have time. then you waste it… and then you have to make that time up… but you need to find…

coyote bait

no luck this time.

the bait, the call, and the camera.  just lacking the coyotes

the bait, the call, and the camera. just lacking the coyotes

Eastern Europe – Day 2


Started our day, bittersweet. Leaving the boys behind. Unsure of what lies ahead, different languages, different cultures, a family we have never met. Arrived at the airport, Tims’ luggage burst at the seams, lost his tie somewhere along the way.…

Eastern Europe – Day 3

The next day, our bodies had switched over to the new time zone, and just in time. We went into wedding preparation mode, and did anything and everything (from washing cars to decorating the wedding house) to help prepare for…

Europe 2008 – Day 4

The Wedding Day

We woke bright and early on the wedding day. There were still some last minute preparations to attend to, as well as a visit to the salon. Ula was nice enough to schedule some time for me as well at…